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The Edge Personal TrainingNorthwestern University is pleased to welcome THE EDGE Sport Enhancement Training, Inc. as our partner in providing personal training programming for our participants.

About the Edge

The Edge is a professional strength & conditioning company whose philosophy is to provide the highest level of strength and conditioning programming to committed athletes and athletic individuals in a supportive and competitive environment focusing on athletic and personal self-improvement.

At THE EDGE Sport Enhancement Training, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing our clients with, not only the best professional training programs, but also the education behind them.

The genuine relationships we build with our clients are a driving force behind our and your success. We look forward to working with you and helping you discover a better way to train…

The Edge offers programs for every level of fitness, tailored to each individual's goals.

All training packages provide the opportunity to work with nationally certified training professionals. Packages also include an individual assessment with a training blueprint developed exclusively for your individual needs.

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Programming includes:

Metabolic Training for Incredible Fat Loss


  • Individual assessment with training blueprint developed exclusively for the individual’s needs.
  • New programming every month to stimulate constant results - offered in 1 & 3 month packages.
  • Twelve (12) training sessions every month in a competitive, supportive and fun, semi-private training environment.
  • Work with professional strength & conditioning coaches in a system with proven results.
  • Specific weekly meal plans along with the nutrition “Rules” for guaranteed and constant fat loss.
  • Nutritional counseling and evaluation with a registered dietitian.
  • Body fat and metabolic rate evaluation

Individual Training

• Custom program design to meet your individual needs
• 3-session, 6-session and 12-session options
• Pricing as low as $50/session

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